Detox Week

Okay, first off, I need to let you know that this eating plan is NOT normal for me.  It’s actually the complete opposite of how I usually live my life, but after a month of traveling and indulging wayyy too much with eating and drinking, I was trying to have ONE WEEK of healthy habits and routine.  AND it wasn’t even a full week because the Saturday before I started this I ate pizza, hot dogs and french fries and had well over the recommended adult beverage allowance.  Then, the next Saturday was St. Paddy’s in Chicago and I went to an all you can eat and drink event starting at 8 am… Sooo… I had 5 days of “healthy eating” and routine.

This will be interesting to see what you guys think because some of you may be impressed by this, but others of you may think “this girl has no self-control, she still ate dessert every single night.”  But this is my version of a detox week.  I have a major sweet tooth and did indulge in something every night, but that was okay for me because it’s all about balance.

Since my life is so all over the place, I really try to take advantage of the time that I’m home to regroup and make up for all the damage I’ve done on my travels… not sure it works that way, but I like to pretend it does.  I know I’m not in a position where I need to try and lose weight, but eating healthier makes me feel better all around, giving me more energy and better mental clarity which I NEED on my full weeks in the office.   I’ve been a “skinny, fat kid” most of my life, where my friends always hated me because I can eat almost whatever I want without gaining any weight, but I actually have gone through a couple of stages of my life where I’ve gained a decent amount of weight.  I’ve noticed it really all has to do with drinking for me.  When I studied abroad in Spain, I gained 20 pounds because we drank almost every night, never slept, and then would eat whatever we wanted.  I also gained a lot of weight when I did my around the world trip right before I moved to Chicago.  For reference, when I moved to Chicago a little over 2 years ago, I was nearly 30 pounds heavier than I am now (27 lbs to be exact).

It took me over a year to get back to my normal weight, and there was really no secret or crash diet that did it.  I just ate whole foods and tried to cut out anything processed.  I work from home, so I tried only to allow myself to keep fruits, veggies, nuts, and meat in my apartment.  I have always had a major sweet tooth though, so I do still have ice cream or cookie dough or something to satisfy my sweet craving in case of emergencies.  But during that time of only eating whole foods, I realized how much better I felt all around, and it made me want to stick to these cleaner eating habits whenever I can, so that’s what I try to do when I’m home.

The first thing I did when I got back from my travels last weekend was throw out all the candy and sweets I had leftover from my “Galentine’s Day Party.” Next, I went to the grocery store and only got whole foods.  I picked up fruits, veggies, nuts, and salmon.  Okay, that’s a lie.. I also got cookie dough.  But I told you, I need sweets!  It’s all about balance, right?  Also, if you know anything about me, it’s that I am NOT good in the kitchen, so I rely on a little help from my friends… Wellness Grub, Real Juice Co, and Sweetgreen are my saviors in Chicago.

Below, I’ve listed out exactly what I ate every day this week.  I have never been a big breakfast person, so usually, I’ll just have a coffee or smoothie in the morning and then eat my first meal around lunchtime.  As I said, the goal of this healthy eating wasn’t about losing weight but feeling better physically and mentally.  However, I did track my weight every day because I knew that’s what most people would be wondering.  My weight fluctuated about 4 lbs over the week but leveled out in the end about 3 pounds lighter than I was on Sunday.

Sunday: I went out last night, so I was feeling sluggish this morning, but really wanted to get back on track, so I resisted my cravings for greasy fast food and stuck to whole foods and grains.  Then treated myself to dessert at the end of the night.

10:00 am- Enlightenment Smoothie from Wellness Grub

1:00 pm- Avocado Toast on Whole Wheat Toast from Real Good Juice Co.

3:00 pm- Handful of Almonds

5:00 pm- Bowl of Raspberries

7:00 pm- Maple Glazed Salmon, Summer Squash, and Brown Rice

8:00 pm- 4 chocolate chip cookies.. whoops

9:30 pm- Chamomile Tea

Workout- 30 minute intervals on treadmill


Monday: I woke up feeling pretty good and ready to go to the gym at 7:30 am.  However, I sat down at my desk and got sucked into my emails and swamped at work all day.  Luckily, I had healthy foods in my kitchen to keep me energized and satisfied all day.  I even had enough energy at 9 pm once I finished work to go to the gym. I only made it through half the workout, but it was a longgg day.

8:00 am- Black coffee

10:00 am- Dark Chocolate Smoothie from Wellness Grub

12:00pm – 3 Scrambled Eggs with Almond Milk

2:00 pm- Handful of Pistachios

4:00 pm- Bowl of Strawberries & handful of cashews

6:00 pm- Salmon, Summer Squash and Brown Rice

9:30 pm- Banana & spoonful of cookie dough

Workout- BBQ Leg Week 6 (only completed half)


Tuesday: Woke up feeling dehydrated, but once I drank some water and tea, I felt amazing.  I planned to go to the gym first thing, but that didn’t happen as I got caught up in emails again. I usually like to go to the gym in the morning on a somewhat empty stomach, so I don’t feel so weighed down. I tried to hold out on eating until the gym, but I was getting hungry, so I ate a banana and some cashews beforehand.  One thing I noticed today was that I felt very full after only a little bit of food.  Definitely felt like my stomach was shrinking today.  I honestly wasn’t even hungry for dinner but ate it just for the nutrients.

8:00 am- Lemon Tea

10:00 am- Banana and Coffee with Almond Milk

12:00 pm- Couple handfuls of Cashews

2:00 pm- Bowl of Strawberries

3:00 pm- Sandersons Saxaphone Smoothie from Real Good Juice Co.

6:00 pm- Roasted Brussel Bowl from Real Good Juice Co.

8:00 pm- WAY too many cookies.. like 4 and then some cookie dough. WHOOPS

Workout- 2 miles on treadmill


Wednesday:  Woke up still feeling full from my Roasted Brussel Bowl and too many cookies the night before, but had lots of energy.  I went to the gym first thing in the morning and drank lots of water and wasn’t too hungry during the day.  My friend and I were planning on going out to dinner, but we chose to go to EMA because of their healthy, Mediterranean cuisine.  We splurged a little on wine and dessert, but overall still felt pretty good about the meal.

9:00 am- Bowl of Strawberries and Blueberries

12:00- Sweet Dreams of Falkor Smoothie from Real Good Juice Co & half of a Roasted Brussel Bowl from Real Good Juice Co.

2:30- One sweet potato, thinly sliced and baked with coconut oil and pink salt

6:30-  Dinner at EMA Chicago– My friend and I ordered a bunch of small plates to share- House bread with Charred Eggplant Spread & Toasted Almond and Garlic Spread, Asparagus Risotto, Baked Halloumi, Honey Pie for Dessert and a Glass of Sauvignon Blanc

Workout- BBG Arms and Abs Week 6


Thursday: Woke up feeling great again.  Knowing I only had 2 more days of “detox week,” I wanted to try and be a little more intense and cut carbs, but at 12:00 before my workout I felt like I needed some, so I had the leftovers of my Roasted Brussel bowl, which had farro in it.  I also found these vegan chocolate chip cookies at Real Good Juice that I bought to replace my Nestle Tollhouse cookie dough in my fridge… not sure how much better they are for you, but figured it was worth a shot!

9:00 am – Banana

12:00 pm- Other half of Roasted Brussel Bowl from Real Good Juice Co.

3:00 pm- Body Alkalizer Green Smoothie from Wellness Grub

6:30 pm- Harvest Bowl from Sweetgreen (substituted avocado instead of the rice and mushrooms instead of the goat cheese)

8:30 pm- 2 Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies, handful of MnM’s

Workout- 1 mile on treadmill


Friday:  Woke up and went straight to the gym at 7 am, which I was proud of since normally I procrastinate my workout until at least mid afternoon… really wasn’t feeling very hungry today after my smoothie and I knew I was going to splurge on dinner so I just had a couple eggs for lunch and a light afternoon snack.  My friend also introduced me to a new favorite place of mine in Chicago– True Food Kitchen!

9:00 am-  Enlightenment Smoothie from Wellness Grub

12:00- 2 Scrambled Eggs with Almond Milk

3:00- 2 handfuls of Cashews and Vital Greens Juice from Wellness Grub

7:00- Goat cheese, crackers and glass of chardonnay

8:30-  Got takeout at my friend’s house from True Food Kitchen and we split Chicken Pad Thai, a Burger and a Kale Salad.  Also had another glass of chardonnay

Workout- BBG Full Body Week 6


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