My goal for Champagne Getaway is to be your source for everything travel! Whether it’s inspiration for a Girls Weekend, Romantic Getaway, Christmas Holiday, Spring Break, Travel Fashion, Travel Accessories, Luxury Destinations, Budget Friendly Destinations, Festivals, you name it!  Traveling ignites my soul and I want to help ignite yours too!

How many of you get the urge to travel somewhere new, but don’t have the time to plan and are worried you won’t know what to do once you get there?  Or how many of you attended a bachelorette weekend in a new city and found that once you get there, you have no idea what to do?  I’m hoping my page will help you find inspiration and ideas, so that you’re never lost upon arriving in a new city!

I will document my travels and give you “quick guides” that will highlight and link all the important things, such as where to stay, how to get around, what to do, where to eat/drink, and where to shop!

I also have a “shop” tab because I think fashion is a big part of traveling…especially for us girls!  One of the most thrilling parts of traveling is getting to dress the part.  I’ve found that I LOVE to dress to the city. In Nashville– you better believe I’m wearing cowboy boots.  Hawaii– I’m all about the palm prints, florals, bikinis.  Europe– I tend to be a little more fashion forward and risky with my outfits than I would be at home.  Southeast Asia– long flowy skirts to be culturally appropriate. There’s nothing more exhilirating than getting a new wardrobe for an upcoming trip, which is why I have a whole tab dedictated to giving you travel fashion inspiration!

So, take a look around my site and start planning your next Champagne Getaway!