Hi guys! I’m Molly, the creator and founder of Champagne Getaway!  Champagne Getaway has evolved a lot over the past couple of years.  In spring of 2017 I launched Champagne Getaway as a bachelorette planning company and overtime it has turned into more of a personal travel and lifestyle blog, but I still love to focus on female travel!

A little background on me, I grew up in Londonderry, NH about 40 minutes outside of Boston (Go, Sox!) and lived there until I went off to college.  I played softball my whole life and knew I wanted to go to college somewhere warmer than New Hampshire to continue playing.  I went to Undergrad at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL, majoring in Critical Media and Cultural Studies and minoring in Communications and Spanish. My parents loved Winter Park, FL so much that they actually moved down there my senior year.  They still kept their beach house in Ogunquit, ME, so they now split time between Florida and Maine and I love that I get to call these places “home.”

There are actually a number of other places that I call “home,” and these are places I’ve lived that will always have a piece of my heart.  I studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain my junior year and it is still to this day one of my favorite places on Earth.  That semester was really what sparked my love and passion for travel.  Prior to that, I had traveled with my family domestically, to the Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada, but never really overseas (except for one awesome trip to Australia on a student ambassador program when I was 14.)  When we studied abroad, we took full advantage of those cheap Ryanair flights and traveled to a new country every weekend.  It’s safe to say, I became completely obsessed with travelingI loved it allThe people, the culture, the languages, the food, I couldn’t get enough! And it has clearly stuck with me ever since.  I learned a German word once that does not translate directly to English, but it is my favorite word because it describes the feeling I constantly have.  Fernweh, which is the opposite of homesick, it is  translated as“farsickness” or a “longing for far-off places,” especially those you’ve not yet visited.

After college, I worked at a digital marketing company, Quantum Leap Advertising, doing social media and SEO for large hotel chains.  I was very unsure about what I wanted to do at this stage of my life, and eventually took a job at a staffing company in Orlando, FL.   After about 1 year of that, I finally decided to join my family company and work with my Dad, Uncle and cousins.  We do Unemployment Tax Management, Income & Employment Verifications, WOTC, and other HR services that I’m sure you really don’t care all that much about, ha!  Before I started at my family company I took a month off to travel and volunteer in Peru to try to get that “travel bug” out of my system before I started my lifelong “career”…. as you can tell, that didn’t exactly work.

I started off in Sales at our family company and got the opportunity to travel a lot domestically in this position. I would always try to plan a weekend around my meetings, so that I could stay and explore the new cities I was traveling to. I also always flew Southwest Air and stayed in Marriott Hotels, so that I could save up points to use for my personal travel.  During this time, my sales territory was mainly the Midwest, so I eventually ended up moving to Chicago, IL! I lived in Sweet Home Chicago for 3 years and loved every single second of it! I met some of the best friends and I truly think this city is where I grew most as a person.   After a couple years in sales, I eventually switched to an Account Executive where I managed several accounts, most of them based in Nashville, TN.  I would visit Nashville for work about 6-8 times per year and I soon got a reputation for being a Nashville expert among my friends. Being in our early to mid 20’s at the time, everyone would always ask me advice on Bachelorette Ideas in Nashville… and this is how Champagne Getaway came to life!

I figured if all my friends and friend’s of friends were asking me for advice, that there must be a need for this elsewhere too!  So I decided to start a company, Champagne Getaway, LLC.  I literally had zero idea what I was doing when it came to starting a business, but I DID know a lot about Nashville, so I decided to start an Instagram for it.  I was having fun giving girl’s advice and helping them plan their bachelorette parties in Nashville, but I was in no way monetizing it as a real “business,” as it was mostly all friends and friends of friends and I would do it for free. Long story short, my Instagram grew to 5,000 followers and I started getting contacted by brands asking if they could send me products to feature on my page.  At that point, I was following bloggers, but didn’t realize they were themselves a business.

I started looking into blogging as a business and realized that is exactly what I wanted to do– that way, I can find the best places in ALL of my travels, not just in Nashville, and give you all free advice and free travel inspiration, instead of having to charge a fee for planning your trips to Nashville.  Now, not only can you go to my page for ideas for Nashville Bachelorette Parties, but I also love to give you inspo for your next Romantic Getaway, Holiday Vacation, Beach Trip, or Big City Weekend Getaway!

I have also incorporated fashion into my blog because I think fashion is a big part of traveling… especially for us girls!   What is the first thing you do when you plan a trip?  Look for hotels, airbnbs, restaurants, events, AND new outfits to wear in that place! One of the best parts of traveling is getting to dress the part.  I’ve found that I LOVE to dress to the city. In Nashville– you better believe I’m wearing fringe, leather and cute booties.  Hawaii– I’m all about the palm prints, florals, bikinis.  Europe– I tend to be a little more fashion forward and risky with my outfits than I would be at home.  Southeast Asia– long flowy skirts to be culturally appropriate.

This year, I moved to Nashville, TN, so I can be in the heart of America’s Number 1 Bachelorette Destination, as girl’s trips and weekends are still my main focus!  This way, in between all of my other travels, I can still research the best places and activities for y’all to do when YOU visit Nashville!  I absolutely LOVE it here so far and know you will fall in love with it too– whether it’s your first trip to Nashville or 100th trip to Nashville there’s always something to do or see!  I’m hoping Champagne Getaway can be your one stop shop for all your upcoming travel needs!  So, take a look around my site and start planning your next Champagne Getaway!


XOXO Molly