America’s Public Drinking Towns

Posted on: October 10, 2017

There’s something about strolling through the great outdoors with an open beer or wine-filled solo cup that makes drinking THAT much more fun.  In college, we used to do this from house party to house party and risk getting caught by campus security on that 2-minute walk down the sidewalk to the next house.  Once we graduate from college, it’s much harder to find situations like this, unless you travel to one of these beautifullllll places that condone open-containers in public places.


1) New Orleans, Louisiana–  I think this is the most popular and obvious place on the list, as most people know you can stumble along Bourbon Street while double-fisting your favorite adult bevvies.  Make sure to try their infamous Hurricane’s and Hand Grenade’s as you bop around from bar to bar.  New Orleans is the only city in Louisiana where open-containers are legal, however, throughout the rest of the State, there are drive-thru frozen daiquiri stands.  That’s right, you can drive thru a stand and order a Pina Colada, and it will be considered a “closed container” as long as they put a piece of (very easily removable) tape on the straw.


2) Las Vegas, Nevada- They don’t call it Sin City for nothin’! Las Vegas is like one big playground for adults, where visitors can hop from casino to pool party to club to buffett without ever having to put their cocktail down!


3) Savannah, Georgia-  This is one of my personal favorites because it is much more low key than the first two.  Savannah is such a fun, artsy, historic, beautiful town.  This is one of my favorite places to recommend my clients for bachelorette parties.  Do a pedal tour during the day and continue the party by bar hopping along River Street.  Don’t forget to get your Wet Willie’s frozen drinks for those hot summer days.  I also love picnicking in  Forsyth Park.  Grab a bottle of wine, some sandwiches from Goosefeathers and your best friends, and you’ve got yourself a perfect day.  Also, don’t forget that Savannah is home to one of the best St. Patty’s celebrations in the world!


4) Butte, Montana– Back in the day, Butte, Montana was bustling as the largest city west of the Mississippi River.  Today, most people refer to it as the “butt” of Montana and tend to bypass it on I-90 as they head to Yellowstone National Park, BUT(TE) they don’t know what they’re missing!  Butte, Montana really is a charming little town with great people, culture, and no open-container restrictions (except between 2 am and 8 am)!


5) Sonoma, California- Ahh wine country, how I love you! This is definitely the most beautiful place on this list in my opinion. Being the wine capital of America, it’s no surprise that they allow public drinking here.


6) Erie, Pennsylvania- This place has no open-container laws because there is NOTHING else to do in Erie, PA except to drink in the streets.


7) Indianapolis, Indiana– This is one of many cities I find underrated.  Being in the Midwest, it is obviously home to the sweetest people, but it is also super clean and trendy.  I’ve only visited here a couple of times, but this city always impresses me. Grab a craft beer at one of the many breweries and take a to-go cup if you can’t finish it because drinking in the streets is A-OK here!


8) Hood River, Oregon- This Oregon coastal town is for sure worth a visit.  There’s as much outdoor adventure here as there are craft breweries.  Create your own craft brewery bar crawl from Pfriem Family Brewery to Full Sail Brewery (the largest and oldest brewery in town) to Double Mountian Brewery and Tap Room.  The best part is… if you can’t finish your brew, take it to go!


9) Fort Worth, Arlington, and Fredericksburg, Texas­- The saying “everything’s bigger in Texas” has never proved me wrong and it won’t today either.  Texas boasts not one, but THREE towns where drinking in public is allowed.  Fredericksburg is my personal favorite, with its rich German history, quaint Bed and Breakfasts and charming little boutiques.  Fredericksburg is especially adorable around Christmastime, where they kick off the holiday with a Chriskindlesmarkt in November and continue the celebrations with tree lightings, charity balls, cookie decorating events, parades, and locally brewed seasonal beers, which you can drink in the streets!

Cheers, babes! Xoxo

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