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Posted on: October 9, 2017

Happy Monday y’all! It is still an Indian Summer here in Chicago! Yesterday morning was the Chicago Marathon and a balmy 78 degrees on October 8th– beautiful day for watching, but I’m not sure how those running the 26.2 miles felt about the heat.  I enjoyed walking around in short sleeves and sitting outside by the riverwalk with my girls in the afternoon!


This morning, I saw that this top I purchased from Club Monaco this summer is nearly 70% off now and only $49.00!  I honestly wore this top with jeans or white jeans probably 20 times this summer and into fall.  Side note: does anyone know what color this top is?!  If so, PLEASE send me a DM!  My mom calls it red, but I think it is more orange.  My friends and I decided to just refer to this color as “Rorange” for red/orange… creative, I know.  I guess it is kind of coral, but a little darker… ANYWAY, I’ve linked the shirt HERE.

Whoooops!  That was a heavy pour for a Sunday, kids.


I also wanted to show you the back of this top on the Club Monaco model because it’s SO cute! (Definitely looks more orange in the model photos).

Unfortunately, my friend Martha’s Zara dress is sold out, but I was able to find a couple similar items here and here.

Lastly, I also wanted to link my friend Lindsey’s pants because she has better style than me and 90% of fashion bloggers out there.  She seriouslyyyy needs to start her own fashion blog!  These pinapple pants are the perrrrrrfect vacay pants.  Super comfortable and SUPER cute.  I’ve linked them here!


XOXO Cheers!

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