End of Summer Pool Party Essentials

Posted on: August 25, 2017

Didn’t win our End of Summer Pool Party Essentials Package? Not everyone is as lucky as @powlaaaaaa!  If some of you are like me and play the “I won’t buy it yet, but if I’m still thinking about it days later, I’ll go back and get it” game, then I’ve linked all the products below if you can’t get them off your mind!  Plus, Personal Wine was nice enough to give all Champagne Getaway customers 15% off of their first personalized bottle!

The first item is such a fun item to add to your pool party.  When guests arrive and see this oversized YAY Beach Ball above the water, they KNOW they are about to have a good time!  Also, Shop The Manor has all kinds of animal and fruit floats to make your pool party the cutest pool party of the summer!



The second item is an absolute neccesity to a good pool party… CHAMPAGNE! Duh.  But what’s even better is that you can customize these bottles to say whatever you want!  You can choose the type of wine, the label and the message.  SO CUTE!  Also, Personal Wine was nice enough to give our customers 15% off by using the code GRAPES!



The third item is of COURSE a swimsuit!  How can you have an epic pool party without an epic swimsuit?!  We teamed up with Crowned Queen Clothing beacuase they are the QUEEEEEEN of swimsuits!  Check out their entire collection, as they offer so much more than just the “Champagne Campaign.”



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