Hotel Tiki Tiki

Posted on: May 25, 2018

Guyssss! I know I’ve said it again and again on Instagram, but seriously this is the cutest hotel EVER. I kind of stumbled upon this hotel by accident and I’m sooo happy that I did. When I was looking at hotel’s in Tulum Beach area, I found out quickly that everything is very expensive during high season.

I found Hotel Tiki Tiki and saw that it was much more affordable. It was $199 a night compared to most of the beach hotels that started at $450 a night. This hotel was located more inland and close to downtown, but it only cost us around $15 to take a cab to the beach, so it is still a great option for accommodations. Everything that I had read and researched about Tulum was to stay on the beach and not downtown. So, I decided to book this hotel for our first night and then get an Airbnb on the beach for the rest of our time.

We figured we would just stay here the first night to save some money and leave first thing in the morning to head to our Airbnb on the beach. What we didn’t expect is that Hotel Tiki Tiki would be absolutely perfectttt and that we would want to stay at that little Oasis ALL. DAY. Also, I highly recommend checking out the downtown area for at least one night because you can get a real, authentic Mexican experience. We got super cheap, delicious food and drinks and bargained shopped on the streets.

Before we went to dinner on the first night, we had a couple drinks at the hotel bar, which is absolutely adorable. Since the hotel is a boutique, it felt very “homey,” so we got to know some of the other guests in the hotel, as well as the staff the first night. The next morning, the hotel staff made us scrambled eggs and toast and we all sat around and told stories about the night before like old time friends.

Around noon we popped open a bottle of Pinot Grigio and sipped on some wine by the pool with our new friends. We had plans to leave after a couple hours, but ended up having too much fun that we didn’t leave until after dark. I honestly could have stayed at Hotel Tiki Tiki for another week.. orrr forever. Either one. Safe to say, I will be back.





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