Secret Flamingo Beach

Posted on: August 15, 2017

This Instagram-famous flamingo beach has been popping up everywhere on my feed recently. Anybody else? Just so happens, I accidentally stumbled upon this beach IRL. This past New Year’s I planned a last minute trip to Aruba with my boyfriend and family when I found a great flight deal on Southwest. For those of you who know me really well, you know I’m constantly scouring the internet for cheap flight deals on a daily basis. So, about a month before Christmas, I found flights to Aruba from December 27th-January 2nd for about $150 roundtrip, and I just couldn’t pass them up. I quickly booked them without consulting anyone involved. I’ve learned it’s always better to just book these things and just ask for forgiveness if anyone is upset. Thankfully, no one gets upset about spending $150 to go to Aruba for New Years.

The only trouble I encountered was trying to find a hotel for just as good of a deal. Unfortunately, every hotel in the “high-rise” area of Aruba was over $500 a night due to the holiday. Everyone I had ever talked to that traveled to Aruba had told me to stay in the “high-rise” or Palm Beach area and not downtown, but at this point that wasn’t an option. So, I looked into other parts of the island and found a Marriott Hotel in downtown Oranjestad that was a fraction of any hotel in the “high-rise” area.  The hotel is called the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino.

Let me tell you– this place is a f***ing gem! I had gotten some feedback from people that said not to stay in downtown, but if I go back, I am most definitely staying there again. First off, this place is SO much more affordable than any hotel in the high-rise area. Secondly, they have a private island that is only accessible to guests at the hotel. And yes, this private island is the famous flamingo island! You take a little boat directly from the hotel lobby to this exclusive, private oasis, and you can swim with flamingo’s all day long. It is incredible.

I looked up nightly rates there the other night, just out of curiosity and rooms over Columbus Day weekend were only $152 per night. Are you kidding me?! Grab 3 of your girlfriends, and go for a long weekend and you’re each only paying a little over $100!






Have fun, loves! Xoxo


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