Top 3 Chicago Rooftops You Must Visit

Posted on: September 16, 2017

Hey there!  Due to the overwhelming feedback I received from my Nashville Rooftop Guide and my Top 3 “Girly” Chicago Places. I decided to share my Top 3 Chicago Rooftops too!  These 3 rooftops are perfect for those of you coming to Chicago for your first time and wanting impeccable city views alongside some delicious cocktails!  They are 3 of the most popular rooftops in Chicago and you’ll see why once you step foot in these hotspots.  Next week I will dive into some of my other favorite rooftop bars that are more “local.”  Cheers!

Cindy’s Rooftop

Have you heard of it?  I would say that this is probably the most well-known rooftop bar in Chicago.  Located on the top of the Chicago Athletic Association, this restaurant/bar offers stunning views of Millennium Park and Lake Michigan, delicious food and crafty cocktails.  The bartenders are seriously talented here, which is always great for a basic betch like myself, who look at the menu not knowing what I want and ask “Um can you just make me something fruity?” or “Can I just have an instagram-worthy drink?” I wish I was joking, but I legit asked the bartender that at Cindy’s before and he did not disappoint (I have a “gram” to prove it.)  Make sure to make a reservation here weeks or months in advance if you are wanting a table, as the wait can be crazy long.  And if you don’t have a rezzo, make sure to get there early, as the line for the elevator can get out of control.  Plan ahead so you don’t have to miss out on this gem!






IMG_5953Photos by: Gina Figliola


The LondonHouse came in HOT when they opened their doors to the public in May 2016.  The rooftop bar at this hotel was quickly named one of Chicago’s best rooftop bars and for good reason!  This 3 story rooftop bar has impeccable views of the city and river and amazing cocktails. You honestly can’t beat it.  Make sure to secure a reservation or get there early to lock down a seat and be prepared to pay a pretty penny for a cocktail here.

LH Rooftop Bar Outdoor Terrace

LH Rooftop Bar Creative Cocktails

LondonHouse Chicago View North Michigan Avenue

LH Rooftop Cocktails On Tap

LondonHouse Chicago Cupola View Millenium Park

LH Rooftop Bar Chicago River View

J Parker

The J Parker is unquestionably my most visited rooftop bar in Chicago, mostly because it offers amazing views, but also because I live right down the street.  This bar is located on the roof of the Licoln Hotel in the neighborhood of Lincoln Park.  The J Parker is a couple miles north of downtown, but definitely worth a visit. It hosts incredible views of the city skyline, Lake Michigan and Lincoln Park.  My favorite time to visit this bar is for a Saturday morning mimosa when the sun is shining over the lake.





IMG_5788Photos by: Gina Figliolia


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