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Posted on: December 13, 2019

The City of LOVE!  Paris really is one of the (if not THE) prettiest cities in the world.  And I’ll NEVER get over the Eiffel Tower… I swear I could just sit in the lawns around the Eiffel Tower gazing up at it all day long.

This was my third trip to Paris and definitely my favorite!  The first two times, I felt obligated to do and see all the touristy things and to be honest, 9/10 times, I hate touristy things. Ha. So, if you’re not into touristy things like me, then this post will help you… if you are looking for the complete tourist guide, this isn’t the place.

Where to stay:

We stayed at the Pullman Hotel in Bercy, because we were there for Killian’s work and that’s where the company put him up.  It was super nice, but probably not where I would’ve picked on my own.  I did do a lot of research prior though, so if you are going for a romantic trip or honeymoon and willing to splurge on a hotel I would say the following, as they almost all have rooms with views of the Eiffel Tower:

If you are going with a group and wanting an Airbnb, I would look around the Eiffel Tower in the 7th arrondissement, or in the neighborhoods of Le Marais or Saint Germain.

Where to Eat:

  • Robert et Louise– Our favorite place that we ate.  Small, quaint little restaurant that cooks their meat dishes on an open flame fireplace.  Make sure to make a reservation for dinner, or go for lunch on the weekends.
  • Bouillon Chartier–  Great, affordable French Food.  Large dining room with shared tables. We ended up sharing a table with 4 Parisian people and they all informed us that the food was very good French food and great quality for the price.
  • Pink Mamma  Honestly any of the Big Mamma restaurants are amazing, but this was our favorite.  Great atmosphere and cocktails too!
  • Glou  We actually just stumbled into this place, but it was so cute!! Perfect for a little afternoon wine or coffee.. we ended up getting an appetizer and Steak Frites and the food was amazing.

Other places that were recommended that we didn’t get to:

  • Derriere
  • Freddy’s
  • Restaurant Paul
  • L’Ami Jean
  • Café Divan
  • Frenchie
  • Marche Couvert d’Aligre- an outdoor market
  • Fitzgerald
  • La Pharmacie

Where to Drink:

  • Chez Georges The cutest little wine bar!  Make sure you go downstairs to drink wine in the wine cave!
  • La Felicita-  Another Big Mamma concept.  Huge food and drink hall, with great décor and ambiance!
  • Canard & Champagne– Cute little champagne bar down a passageway with lots of little restaurants and shops.
  • Refuge des Fondus We LOVED this quirky place.  A Fondue restaurant with shared tables that serves wine in BABY BOTTLES.  Food was just ok, but it was a fun experience.
  • Candelaria–  A speakeasy bar in the back of a divey taco shop.
  • Hotel Costes  Moody and dark hotel… we stopped in for a fancy drink.  Little pricey, but cool vibes.
  • Bar Hemingway The bar in the Ritz Hotel. Very small, so it can be hard to get into and the drinks are pricey (but you’re at The Ritz, what do you expect?)

Other places that were recommended that we didn’t get to:

  • Favela Chic
  • Experimental Cocktail Club
  • La Bonne Decision
  • Little Red Door
  • Maison Sauvage

What to do:

Picnic at the Eiffel Tower-  Y’all HAVE to do this! It is my favorite thing to do when I’m in Paris.  We just go to a local grocery store, pick up a bottle of wine, baguettes, cheese, meats, etc. and walk towards the Eiffel Tower.  Get almost as close as you can to it and you will see the lawns surrounding the tower with lots of locals and tourists enjoying a picnic in the lawns.  I honestly prefer this rather than going into the Eiffel Tower, because let’s be real… it looks a lot better from down below than when you’re inside the steel frames.  Although, I would recommend climbing it at some point too…

Climb the Eiffel Tower- This is one tourist activity I actually would recommend.  We opted for the stair climb instead of the elevator and I’m so happy we did it because we got our exercise in and felt accomplished!  The stair climb only gets you to the second level, so you can also get a lift ticket from the second level to the top.  You can buy tickets in advance here

Louvre Museum-  I have been inside the Louvre Museum once, but wouldn’t do it again.  If you do want to do it, buy tickets in advance and plan on spending about 3 hours there. If you’re not a museum person, just head to the Lourve Pyramids and take photos!

Explore the Neighborhoods—We loved just walking around the different neighborhoods, admiring the architecture, popping into cute cafes, and meeting the locals.  Our favorite neighborhoods were Le Marais, Saint Germain, and Montmarte.  Montmarte is a charming little area that includes the highest point of Paris where you can see some incredible views during the day.

Do a Bike Tour-  My favorite way to explore a new city has always been by foot or by bicycle!  You get your exercise, while learning the lay of the land.  I did this tour on one of my first visits to Paris and really loved it…. 

Hope this helps and you enjoy your trip to Paris!  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message on Instagram at @champagnegetaway or email me at

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